A sunny day, great weather, a magnificent site, peaceful surroundings and cousins happy to meet again: what a great way to start a day, but… I should have mentioned the only negative point: upon arrival, the difficulty in finding our way to the meeting place from the parking lots.  Fortunately, some good Samaritans, spontaneously, went back on their steps to help people find their way to the Moulin Neuf (New Mill), salle des Combles (Attic Room), our meeting place.  Thank you!

Welcome committeeAt the door, Richard (32), Mireille (221) and Denise (47) were there to greet the members, all smiles! As I can feel it, everyone is happy to meet again, to chat about this and that to ooh! and aah!, bursts of laughter everywhere! The reunion is effectively under way, a prelude to an interesting day, let’s enjoy it! Oh! We hear that recess is over and the annual meeting starts with Jacques (41) acting as emcee.  As his first experience, an accomplished success,  a hidden talent, congratulations and thank you!

After a word of welcome, our President Louise (563) calls the meeting to order and goes through the items on the agenda.  Our President carries out this task Our Presidentwith vivacity, assurance, distinction while lending an open ear to the audience. Bravo and thank you Louise. Committee reports were concise, no questions were asked but a few informative comments offered.  We breezed through these reports at a sustained tempo.  Thank you to the various people involved with these committees.



HélèneAt the end of her report, Hélène (4), wife of our founding President Yvon (1), advised the audience that she was resigning from her position on the Board of Directors.  With a tremble in her voice, Hélène (4) expressed the reasons behind that decision.  A shockwave went through the hall but… the meeting had to proceed.

Dear Hélène, allow me a short aside to thank you for all these years of hard work at the service of our Association. You shouldered our founder Yvon in his role, you brought your personal touch to the various missions of this Association and you have remained on board ever since.  I cannot begin to list all of these but the results are real and still felt.  “Mission accomplished”.  We express our gratitude and wish you good luck and courage.  You will continue to be involved through the cooperation of your daughter Diane (5).

Mme de la NaudièreThe last part of the annual meeting was postponed because we had reached the time of the conference that was to follow: Madame de Lanaudière (Sylvie Gagnon, Historian and Speaker) dressed as Madame de Lanaudière would have been at the time. The subject matter was interesting, pedagogical, non-dramatic, as some would have hoped.  This exposé taught us a lot about the geographical aspects but less about the historical aspects.  The audience was appreciative and attentive.

Obviously, we resumed the annual meeting after a short keynote address by the deputy mayor, André Fontaine, welcoming us and wishing us a pleasant stay at l’Île-des-Moulins, classified as a historical site by the Department of Cultural Affairs since 1973.





I cannot ignore the arrival of a new recruit on the Board, Nathalie Lauzon (986), author, photographer and speaker.  Louise, our President, met her at the 2013 Montreal Book Fair .  You can Nathalie Lauzonread about this encounter in the 2014 spring issue of La Chaudronnée on page 13.






After these talks, hunger called and it felt good to get up and walk toward the adjoining room where a hot and cold buffet awaited us, prepared by the caterer “La maison François” from Sainte-Thérèse.  Everything looks appetizing and delicious; a real treat.

After the copious meal, we went on a discovery venture through a variety of activities: visit of « La Seigneurie de Terrebonne », a boat tour on the shores of the Thousand Islands River, an exhibition called “Tales of a Seigneurie” and a visit of the Bélisle House.  Divided into four groups, we alternate to tour the various sites. The commentary during the tour was good, our tour guides were generous with information and were quick to answer questions.  Moreover, those of us who had read the excellent article “Once upon a time… in Terrebonne” by Diane on page 10 of the 2014 Spring issue of La Chaudronnée certainly relived and had a better understanding of the information shared by the tour guides.  It was very agreeable and instructive despite the fatigue arising from the lack of seating accommodations, an inconvenience felt by many present and shared with the guides.

All good things must come to an end and we enjoyed a last break to rest a while before dinner.  Once relaxed, we headed for our last stop, “Le Spag” Restaurant.

What a surprise coming in to see so many people seated and chatting away, greeting newcomers, out speaking one another.  So much life, joy and pleasure arise from such reunions.  A full blended dinner with generous portions, excellent service, good company, what a nice way to end this day!

So this is it, a brief recap of our 23rd reunion with a heartfelt thank you to Louise, Diane and Mireille for the organization of this magnificent get-together!

Looking forward to seeing you again ,

Denise (47)